Prince’s Paris Affair

While Prince is in the midst of his 21 night stand in London town (which doesn’t include his early morning aftershows), I thought I might take the rest of us back to ’87 for a “Paris Affair”. Sign o’ the Times turned *gasp* 20 years old this year! It was released as a double album, and soon after as a “concert” movie. I say “concert”, because the majority of the footage in the movie was filmed at Paisley Park outside of Minneapolis. The original intent was to include footage from some shows in Belgium and Holland, but the quality was apparently lacking, so they re-shot it at Prince’s home sound stage.

As you’ll hear, Prince and his gang are in prime form this night in Paris, and lucky for us all, the sound quality of this show is Superb.

Palais Omnisports de Bercy
June 17, 1987

1. Sign O’ The Times
2. Play In The Sunshine
3. Little Red Corvette
4. Housequake
5. Girls & Boys
6. Slow Love
7. I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
8. Hot Thing
9. Now’s The Time – Sheila E Drum Solo
10. Let’s Go Crazy
11. When Doves Cry
12. Purple Rain
13. 1999
14. The Cross
15. It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night


  • pasta

    This is awesome. I have been looking for a live version of ‘I could never take the place of your man’ for quite a few years. Pretty sweet!!

  • Murch452

    Thanks Pete…this is fantastic…as is your site for a fellow Bruce and Prince fan. The sound quality is THE best I’ve heard in a ‘fan recording’ (didn’t want to add the bootl**g word!)…is there a chance that PR (Track 12) can be re-posted as I can’t get that one? Cheers!!

  • jazzmaster

    Great show, Pete! Thanks for putting this one up. SOTT is easily my favorite Prince album and this show sounds fantastic! I have ‘the movie’, but you can tell its missing the electricity supplied by the crowd in a truly LIVE setting.

    Thanks, again!!!

  • Marco

    Dear Pete … I can only repeat myself; this was my first Prince concert outside of Switzerland, following that I have seen him twice during May 1987 in Zurich. I was so deeply impressed by the Man, the funky music and the fabulous Sign O’ The Times show, that I spent all my money for the weekend trip to Paris (… and I never lost contact with his work since that time). An unforgettable memory to me … and a truly fantastic concert …

    I very much delighted & pleased, that you brought this jewel up to the front end. Thank you Pete for giving us a nice & cosy home over here … Marco

  • jazzmaster

    This really is a fantastic show and damn fine recording, too! I’m a little disappointed that “If I Was Your Girlfriend” and “Forever In My Life” aren’t on it, though. I guess I just ‘assumed’ these two classics would have been performed on this tour.

    Oh, well… It sounds great! Thanks again, Pete!

  • Steve


    Thanks for the show!

    I’ve always liked Prince and, musically, this was my absolute favorite era of his.

    It’s good to have a show from this time that sounds so good.

    – Steve

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