Reunion Fever: Led Zeppelin


You know, most folks are geeked out over the Van Halen reunion (and being a guitarist who grew up in the 80’s I should be one of them) but I’m more excited to hear what Led Zeppelin sounds like with 20 years between them. What will the set list look like? Will they stick to the versions we all know and love or will they favor some new arrangements? And most importantly, will they play “Stairway To Heaven”? All burning questions…

To coincide with the reunion, Rhino Records will be releasing a 2-disc ‘definitive’ collection with the tracks being personally selected by Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones.

Preorder Led Zeppelin “Mothership”: Amazon

Links: Official Site | Mothership Site


  • bobby

    It’s gratifying to see that rock’s greatest band is still easily the most popular band in the world. 120 million hits in 24 hours with 25 million people getting through to register in that same time period, and still receiving 60,000 hits a minute. No entertainment act in the world could approach that kind of demand, and it’s all the more astounding when you consider that it’s really only 75% of Zeppelin. The greatest rock drummer that ever lived, John Henry Bonham, Led Zeppelin’s incomparable engine room, has now been gone for 27 years. R.I.P. Bonzo, and long live the brilliant music of the mighty Led Zeppelin. P.S. Never before seen, staggering demand for tickets, and yet where is the media coverage for this historic musical event? Zep never needed nor courted the media and apparently they still resent it.

  • Zack

    I love Zep as much as the next guy but they’re one of those bands that I feel like if it isn’t the four original members, they shouldn’t call themselves LZ (see also: The Who, The Cars, INXS, Guns N Roses, etc.). Bonham was an integral part of the chemistry and sound of the band.

    Still, I’m curious to hear them too. I saw Page & Plant on their first tour together and enjoyed it.

    I will say though – another #$^!ing compilation?

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