More Buried Treasure with the Seeds

Another fine tune courtesy of Tom Petty’s Buried Treasure. The Seeds were a Los Angeles-based garage-psych-rock band in the 60’s and early 70’s. They were fronted by one Sky Saxon, who parted with the band in the early 70’s to join up with Yahowha religious family (aka the Source Family), led by Father Yod. They hung in the Hollywood Hills, recorded some music, shared their women, and had a pretty blissful existence from what I gather. Until Father Yod died in a 1975 hang gliding accident in Hawaii.

Some may recognize this 1965 tune from The Ramones (’93’s Acid Eaters), or Johnny Thunders (’88’s Copy Cats), or Garbage or Yo La Tengo.
Or a 2008 Axe Body Spray commercial.
Or maybe you know it from the source – The Seeds.

I love Saxon’s vocals – stretching out the lyrics into strange squeals and sounds…

From The Seeds

Now you can watch Bettie Page dancing to the song. Some people are nuts about Bettie Page. And during her time it must have been revolutionary. But her facial expressions during the close-up shots sort of creep me  out. But the whole removing the clothes bit? Oh, I can get behind that.


  • Sabrina Smith Saxon

    Hey thanks for the cool blog about my late husband’s music! …. People can find out more about Sky Saxon at our only official website … I will be updating and adding a lot of cool things to the site very soon …. but the latest album that we had put out before Sky fell ill is for sale on there and you can catch a few of the tunes on …. Sky was still performing and recording and writing songs even after he fell ill …. Again thank you for helping to keep the memory of my husband alive …. LOVE LOVE LOVE

    Sabrina Smith Saxon

  • Marco (aka bagan)

    Thank you Pete … ist very nice for me to find here a great little contribution about one of fav garage rock bands of all time … The Seeds (… must sound strange to you … as you rather know me as one of the purple lovers). Have collected all their records … and closely followed the career of Sky. So sad he left us here all alone …

    Love from Switzerland, Marco

  • Gonzo

    A classic. There’s also a song that samples this, though I can’t recall it at the moment. I think it’s a Diplo remix of something or other.

    Their other big single, “Pushin’ Too Hard” is also fantastic. Can’t say I know much beyond those tunes though. Perhaps it’s time to dig.

    Also, re: Bette Paige:

    Huh huh huh huh. You said “behind.”

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