Bo Diddley (December 30, 1928 – June 2, 2008)

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Bo Diddley – Hey, Bo Diddley (Video)

Sad news this morning as another pioneer of rock n’ roll, Bo Diddley has passed away at 79. Our condolences to friends, family and fans alike.

From Pete: In October of 1998, I was sitting in an empty lobby of the Four Seasons in Wailea, Maui (my spoiled brother and his family were staying there). I glanced over to the check-in area to see a man dressed in black, with a very recognizable hat and glasses. I grabbed a pen and paper and slowly made my way over to the registration desk, getting a better look at the man in black.

“You look an awful lot like Bo Diddley”, I said with a grin.
He smiled and said “That’s me”.
“I’d be honored if you’d sign this for me sir.”

And that was my random brush with the greatness that was Bo Diddley. Rest in Peace, sir. The all-star band in the sky picks up another legend….

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