Dreaming about…C.W.?

While we wait for Michael – King of the Friday Five – to post his latest (Michael – you okay??), I pose one question to you all…

Why did I have a vivid dream about “Convoy” singer C.W. McCall the other night?

The dream: I was reading an article about a new album or a new tour by C.W. Next thing I knew, I was on the phone calling his house, and his wife answered. I asked if C.W. was available. She asked who was calling, and I gave my best dream-induced explanation of who I was (I was still Pete and with, a music blog, blah blah blah).

The next second I was knocking at the front screen door of a modest home in a middle class neighborhood. I could see into the window to the left. There was C.W. McCall, sleeping in recliner. He was shirtless, and he had a large beer belly. End of dream.

I’ll have my random music dreams occasionally where I’ll be at a Prince or Springsteen show – sometimes even performing on stage. But C.W. McCall?? Ah, the ways of the human brain.

Is this too much information?


  • Gonzo

    Man, that’s really flippin’ random. I have some random ass music-related dreams, but nothing I can think of at the moment tops that one!

  • Paul

    Is it any coincidence that you posted this on June 6th? They lyrics of the first verse, “It was the dark of the moon on the 6th of June..” Maybe that was the inspiration for your dream.

  • matt

    You dream of noone but Prince. Do NOT lie. I could tell some stories!!!!!
    People would think that the tales I have to tell were concocted by some vicious drunk with a vendetta, but alas they are all true. Some are humorous, some are just sad…
    Haha! Hey Pete!

  • Pete

    he’s right…

    matt – if i’m not mistaken, was at my very first viewing of Purple Rain at the Park Theater in Racine, Wisconsin. September 1984. While I was blown away by the film, and introduced to the artist that would accompany my life from that point forward, Matt was doing unspeakable things to his date right next to me.

    Yes, the stories we could tell…

  • matt

    P.s. And how many more times was I forced to watch that horrible movie over the next year and a half? Dozens upon dozens. I recently caught it on cable and realized just how BAD it was. And then I realized that I could still do the Morris Day and the Time moves. It was a very bad day. I don’t think I’ve ever been so ashamed of myself. The fact that I still knew all of the words to the sound track did absolutely nothing to raise my self esteem either.

  • Pete

    Yeah, but how ’bout repeated viewings of Apollonia purifying her fun bags melons self in the waters of Lake Minnetonka?? That wasn’t so bad now, was it?

  • matt

    Hahahahahahahaha. They edited that part out in my most recent viewing of the movie. 25 years later and we’re STILL arguing about that stupid ass movie!
    For those of you that don’t know, Pete once dropped trow, manually seperated his butt cheeks, put his anus on a girls head and let the flatulence fly. I was never more proud to call someone my friend as I was that night.
    Good lord I hope W and N don’t read this, they’ll be so disappointed in their little boy! Oh and then there was the Roxanne/”where was my hand” incident…
    I can’t breathe…

  • Pete

    matt – you make it a lot more graphic than it was… it was an innocent, sweet gesture between 8th grade boyfriend and girlfriend –
    ok, move along everybody – nothing to see here…

  • matt

    Oh sure! But I was doing UNSPEAKBLE things during Purple Rain. Talk about a double standard!
    I notice that you completely ignored the Roxanne comment.

  • matt

    And how is a bare bottomed fart on your girlfriends head even remotely considered an innocent and sweet gesture? You live in a strange world.

  • Guff

    What do you think of someone who ate a six pack of pig intestine before nine o ‘clock in the morning ? My buddy Matt W . Who else could listen to the shit I liked at that time. C.S.I . is still looking into the strangle marks someone left on Ickes neck at my house. MW I hope you live somewhere cool so we can visit. .

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