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Northern Exposure: The Great Outdoors

Now with 50% more Great Outdoors!The Great Outdoors returns with the second EP in their season-themed series. Standing in stark contrast to Spring, Summer takes an almost darker turn in celebrating the long hot days of it’s namesake. The rollicking jangle of “Summer in the City” with it’s swagger and grit gives way to the beautifully stark crescendo of “Give Everything”. “Last Day of Our Vacation” captures the sentiment perfectly with its dragging melancholy tempo and lazy delivery. “Maybe Time Will Tell” recalls a bit of Springsteen in it’s recollection of days past and what the future holds. Personally, I can’t wait to see what Autumn holds.

You can download “Summer in the City” below and the rest of the EP is freely available at the bands Official Site. There’s also a link below for the traditionalists who like physical media.

The Great Outdoors – Summer in the City (MP3)

Buy Summer: CDBaby

The Great Outdoors Links: Official Site | on | on MySpace

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