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AC/DC DVD – Let There Be Free Stuff

I’m giving away a brand spankin’ new copy of AC/DC‘s new DVD release ‘No Bull: The Director’s Cut‘. It’s a 1996 concert from a bullring in Madrid, Spain – Plaza De Toro De Las Ventas. I lived in Madrid when I was a kid, and I’m pretty sure I went to a bullfight there (about 21 years prior to this show). I’ll have to ask my mom.

I caught this on Palladium HD channel a few weeks back, and, well, it’s pretty sweet if you like to rock out with AC/DC once in a while, and really, who doesn’t?

So leave a comment below to throw your hat in the (bull)ring (*rimshot*).

You know how I love my haikus and my limericks in situations like this, but I’ll leave it up to you. Leave the typed equivalent of a belch if you want. Or maybe a link to a funny Family Guy episode. You decide.

The winner will be announced in a week. Good luck!

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  • KellyP

    these songs will always
    make me want to dirty dance,
    wear Bon Scott’s tight pants

    get in some trouble,
    always ending the pub crawls
    by blasting Big Balls

  • Jesus Jeronimo

    Well, i guess i’d like that DVD. Since I live in Madrid now and I was in that show, would not mind reliving it all again.

    Actually i am wondering why i never got the original DVD in the first place.


  • jazzmaster

    So… My link didn’t work… TWICE!

    Oh well… Search for it on YouTube. It’s hilarious.


    There once was a band not afraid of big brawls
    Singing loud songs ’bout the size of their balls
    As young men, they rocked
    Often went off half-cocked

    [My spam catcher identified you as an evil spammer! I dug up the link here… – Pete]
    And to this day, they still fill the halls.

  • Owen Brown

    If there are more “rock n’ roll” lyrics than those of HAVE A DRINK ON ME, I just don’t know… “Whiskey, gin and brandy. With a glass I’m pretty handy. I’m trying to walk a straight line. On sour mash and cheap wine. So join me for a drink boys. We’re gonna make a big noise. So don’t worry about tomorrow. Take it today. Forget about the cheque. We’ll get hell to pay. Have a drink on me.”

  • jazzmaster

    Yes, Pete… It is I… The Evil Spammer!!!


    Whatever. I couldn’t if I tried!

    Thanks for putting the link in, though. That’s some seriously funny stuff.

  • Pete

    By decree of the House of Ickmusic, it is hereby announced by certain kindergarten age denizens that the victor shall be Owen Brown.

    Congrats Owen!

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