All the Ways I Want You (A YouTube Debut)

While the wife and kids were away at a Saturday afternoon birthday party, dad got some peace & quiet. And when there’s tranquility in the house, I often pull out the guitar. Except this time, I pressed the record button. Lucky you!

I’m an amateur on the guitar, but I do enjoy playing. And one of the earliest songs I learned is an all- time favorite of mine: Bruce Cockburn’s “All the Ways I Want You”. Like I said on the YouTube page, I’m now one of “those guys”.

So what the hell, here it is…


  • Marco (aka bagan)

    … hey Pete; Thanks for the great coming out. I really liked what I’ve heard & seen … but, uhhm it’s quite a sad song. Would love to hear you funkin’ it on a track like Controversy. Anyway, thanks so much … bonnes salutations; Marco

  • Steve

    Very nice!

    You have a good voice, but you might need to start chain smoking and drinking whiskey so you can get the requisite gravelly tone for that genre of song.

  • Pete

    Marco – I’ll have to consider the funky Prince stuff, but I lean toward the brooding, laid back acoustic numbers when I’m fumbling around on guitar. Hmm, maybe an un-plugged acoustic version of “Head” into “Sister”?

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Oh, and Steve, I’ll work on the gravelly voice… I’ve actually been mimicking the Boss, John Prine, and Steve Earle for years… may have to hit you guys with another exclusive vid… and this time I’ll smile more (my mother-in-law mentioned I was so darn serious)…

  • jazzmaster

    Great job, Pete!

    What the heck chord are you playing after the E, though? It sorta’ looks like an Am, but not quite… And it doesn’t sound like one. Hmmm…

    I enjoyed it, though. It was very cool to see and hear you after reading your blog for so long.

    Can’t wait to see the next one!

  • Pete

    Thanks jazz.. the chord after E is an A. The verses are E, A. B7. The chorus goes E, A, B. I always have a problem with the B. I end up fingering the B like an A. I have a loooong way to go with the ol’ gee-tar.

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