Save Three Sheets!

Any Time, Any Place, Pleepleus.

While this is decidedly not music related I’m a firm believer that you should support the media that entertains you most, especially in a time where networks and labels are increasingly fickle and unwilling to stand behind even a quality product. One such product is the series Three Sheets. Sure, on the surface it’s a show about a guy running around the world and drinking his arse off. And yes there is even a play at home drinking game (peep the rules) but more than that it is like spending thirty minutes with your best buddy (who’s name is Zane Lamprey, in case you are wondering) as he tells you about all the crazy shit he’s gotten up to. In short it’s a quality program.

So why do we need to ‘save’ Three Sheets?

Well, it would seem that MOJO HD, the cable company that has served the show up the last three seasons, closed it’s doors on December 1st and well, that leaves Zane (and Pleepleus) without a home. The fourth season of the show has already been filmed and all the show needs is to be picked up by another network. Long story short there are a few ways to show the networks that Three Sheets is worth saving.  You can obviously write to the few stations that Three Sheets logically fits into (Spike, Comedy Central, Food Network, Travel Channel, Discovery) or you can join Zane at one of the rallies being held next week. For more information on the rallies (I’m fairly certain that the wife and I will be in attendance on the 18th) click here (Zane Lamprey’s official site).

And if you are still with me, here is one of my (many) favorite episodes:

And you can catch every other episode to date on Hulu.

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  • Pete

    Michael. God Bless You.
    This is a good cause.
    SAVE THREE SHEETS! Hands down one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen.

    Long live Zane and Pleepleus!!!

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