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Ickmusic’s Friday Five: December 12, 2008

Is It Live, Or Is It Shuffle?

Welcome to week two of our “Holiday Edition” of the Friday Five!

As we wind down to the New Year the last four editions of the Friday Five will be shuffled from my vast collection of Holiday music. I encourage everyone to play along and spin up some holiday cheer. With the holiday season being short and the duress of the current economic climate being ever present we could all use a little lift in spirits.

For those who have not joined in the Five, here’s how it works: … I hit the shuffle button on my iTunes and share my five with a bit of insight for each track.

Then it’s your turn! Just share the first five random track of your shuffle in the comments and see what your fellow readers are listening to as well.

Here are this week’s tracks:

1. Paul McCartney – Wonderful Christmastime (from The Best Christmas Album in the World… Ever!)

I can’t really say why I like this tune so very much, but it is among my favorite contemporary holiday songs.

2. U2 – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (from A Very Special Christmas)

Does anyone else remember the video for this one?

This is a traditional Irish Christmas song? Um, last I checked Phil Spector was from the Bronx and Darlene Love from California. And seriously, could The Edge look any more annoyed? Regardless this stands as Top 5 list material… I truly love this song.

3. Bobby HelmsJingle Bell Rock (mp3) (from Rockin’ Little Christmas)

Nothing beats the original.

4. Run-D.M.C. – Christmas in Hollis (from A Very Special Christmas)

“It’s Christmastime in Hollis Queens, Moms cooking chicken and collard greens, rice and stuffing, macaroni and cheese, and Santa puts gifts under Christmas trees…”

An ’80s classic! To this day I can rock this a cappella on demand.

5. MecoR2-D2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas (mp3) (from Christmas in the Stars: Star Wars Christmas Album)

I’ve made no attempt to cover my geekdom here; yes this is a Star Wars Christmas record. Yes I’ve owned not one, but multiple copies of this record over the years and it is as much a part of my holiday tradition as trimming the tree. And since I’m sharing, yes I have not one, but two Millennium Falcon ornaments along with an R2-D2. And in the spirit of giving I’m sharing this holiday classic with all of you. And yes, the lead vocal is a young John Bongiovi, Jr. Enjoy!

What’s helping you count down the days until Santa pulls his sleigh?


  • shqippy

    OK, there’s just no excuse for that last one. Even if it does allow us to blame Yoda-heads for Jon Bon Jovi’s start. It’s a shame we can’t link it to Jar-Jar too. But wait…we’ve never seen Mr. Binks and Mr. Bon Jovi together!

  • Anne

    1. “Winter Wonderland” Eurythmics. I really enjoy this version.

    2. “Blue Christmas” Chris Isaak. Chris really channels his inner Elvis on this one.

    3. “All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan” Kenny Chesney. Why do I have this one? I don’t like it.

    4. “Jingle Bells” Diana Krall. Whatever.

    5. “Deck the Halls” Relient K. I love their Christmas songs!

  • Michael

    All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan? Isn’t he the guy that Rene Zellweger divorced after a few days of getting married for suspicious reasons… Hell, a song like that is reason enough!

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