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He’s the Izza Kizza

The inbox has been blasted with emails about Izza Kizza. Now, I never took the time to listen to Izza Kizza, or watch Izza Kizza in action.
But based on this track, “I’m the Izza Kizza”, Ickmuzic like-a the Izza Kizza.

Within my hip-hop appreciating being, this is the beat of choice. The preferred dope groove. And anyone who weaves “Bahama Mama Punani” and “Unabomber Punani” into their rhymes is okay with me.

Yesterday morning, I whined on Twitter about the Izza Kizza emails hyping his new mix tape.
Tonight, I’m posting this badass video and guiding you to IzzaKizza.com to download his brand new mix tape for free.
Funny how things work out sometimes.

I’m The Izza Kizza

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