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Tractor Pull Divas

It’s time to spread the word about some quality music in my neck of the woods here in Arizona.  I don’t do it enough..

Tractor Pull Divas hail from Chandler, one of Phoenix’s ‘burbs just southeast of the city. They’ve got a nice rootsy sound with a good, clear vocalist reminiscent of Roger McGuinn and  Tom Petty. They’re keeping it pretty incognito online. They have a MySpace page, but nowhere do I see any mention of their names and backgrounds.

But I do know they have an EP that they released last year: Love Songs for (Insert Your Name Here), and I recommend dropping the $5. You can never go wrong supporting an unsigned band, can ya?

Hear: It’s Not Going To Kill Me (mp3)

Buy their EP, Love Songs for (Insert Your Name Here) on CD Baby or on Tractor Pull Divas - Love Songs for (Insert Your Name Here)

Visit: http://www.myspace.com/tractorpulldivasmusic

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  • Joe

    The vocalist is Ryan Brown, who has done some solo work and had a previous group that I seem to remember was named “Wish”. Ryan is a great guy who has been selflessly promoting local music for years in the Phoenix area.

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