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So I’m in the early stages of getting back in the gym groove. With all this dying in the celebrity world lately, and all this talk about failing hearts, it was time to drag my sorry ass back into some sort of routine. I started last week.

You see, I’ll turn 39 next month…
I eat like a horse.
I love Mexican food.
I love pizza and wings.
I love ginormous plates of spaghetti with garlic bread.
I love Crunch Berries, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cookie Crisp, and many other cereals of the junk variety.
I enjoy an occasional beer or four.
And I haven’t exercised regularly in a good 5 months.

I’m 6’4″, and roughly 270 pounds. 250 is my target, though I guess my optimal weight is less than that.

Point being, I’m scared shitless of dying, and I’d like to stick around for a while with my wife and two daughters. Hence the self-ass-kicking that is the gym. The one highlight of my gym experience – like many of you – is the chance to hear and feel music in a totally different perspective. The pairing of energetic music with exercise is a match made in heaven, and is always something to look forward to.

In my few trips to the gym this go-around, these are some of the tunes that have kept the blood pumping. Wish me luck in this latest endeavor, and may the motivation stick around for good this time. By the way, that corporate logo up there? There’s something to it. It’s such a simple & powerful mantra, and it’s what I tell myself over and over when I even think about blowing it all off…

[Click on the album covers to check ’em out.]

LotusAge of Inexperience (mp3) – The only song I can think of that has a chorus of “I stone teenagers for fun” – at least that’s what I hear. This is a great album. If you like electronica, funk, with a bit of that jam band vibe, you’ll like it too.

Velvet RevolverSucker Train Blues (mp3) – Would you believe I hadn’t heard either of the Velvet Revolver albums until a few days ago? “Sucker Train Blues” has everything I love about the Guns n Roses Use Your Illusion era.

Aceyalone feat. Jah OrahMaster (mp3) – Indie L.A. rapper’s reggae/rap fusion record. Jah love.

Reverend Horton Heat Marijuana (mp3) – I won’t endorse the mary jane before or during the act of exercise. But the song? Absolutely. God Bless the Rev (and Jimbo).

RJD2Sweet Piece (Cadence Weapon Remix) [mp3] – This sweet little groove will make you move schmoove.


  • ger

    Do it man, do it. Exactly one year ago today I started to get my body right. That was 52 pounds ago (down to 198). Thankfully I live in a land where it’s not a million degrees for six months out of the year – I get to run around and through Stanley Park. 13 kms goes by a lot quicker when you see sea lions, bald eagles, herons and the odd skunk along the way. There’s only a couple of months where the gym is my only option, so I can handle the bad lighting and the yelling from the gut-busters class that always seems to take place when I’m there.

    Good luck, and keep it going. If I can do it, I know you can too.

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