Bruce Springsteen

Bruce brings out the “Wrecking Ball” for Giants Stadium

The Boss and his E Street Band kicked off a 5 night run at Giants Stadium tonight – the final shows for the venue. In honor of the stadium’s impending doom, Bruce kicked off the evening with a new song – possibly & probably called “Wrecking Ball”.


  • Judd6149

    I’m Doing an “All Bruce Friday 5” in honor of this treat:

    1. Prove it all night
    2. Further on up the Road (W/the Sessions band live in Dublin) I love all this Session stuff!
    3. Quarter to Three (live @ the Hammersmith Odeon…I’m seeing Chuck Berry here in November)
    4. Zero & Blind Terry (one of my faves off Tracks)
    5. My Love Will Not Let You Down (Live in NYC)…shit this is such a full-on track. Love it.
    *Bonus Song (just because I am having too much fun with these tunes): John Henry (Seeger Session). “And Polly drove steel like a man, Lord! Lord!…”

  • Puri

    Here is the answer to my own question: the trumpetist is Curt Ramm. He had taken part in the Seeger Sessions Band Tour (not in the album)

  • Pete

    Thanks Puri – I just saw that on Backstreets recently and meant to update here… yes, Curt Ramm from the awesome Seeger Sessions Band. I’d LOVE to see the SSB tour again.

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