Name This Jazz Tune

Can I get a little help? You see, I pulled out an old mix CD today.

You know, the kind you don’t label and it gets put in a box and you move a few times and suddenly it’s a Sunday afternoon and you’re 39 years old and you hear a great jazz tune, and you knew the artist and song title long ago but you can’t for the life of you remember what the hell it’s called now??

Well, that’s the scenario. And Shazam – that awesome lil’ app that recognizes tunes for me on my iPhone – well it couldn’t recall the name either.

So I put it to you good people. Can anyone peg the artist & song title? All I can offer in return is my gratitude, and maybe a Tweet in your honor. The lonely untagged mp3 in my iTunes will thank you too.

Here it is, my Unknown Jazz Tune: Name This Jazz Tune (mp3)


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