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The Time live in KC

In the year nineteen eighty-three, Prince’s Triple Threat Tour did hit the road. Vanity 6 opened the evening, with The Time as their backing band behind a curtain. Next up, before Prince took the stage, Morris Day and the boys got their 45 minutes in the spotlight, and they took every advantage, trying their hardest to upstage their boss.

I was a wee 12 year old during this tour, so I didn’t get to witness the competition firsthand. But from all accounts, it made for an amazing tour – Prince touring behind 1999, and the Time, with two solid (Prince-produced) records under their belt, there to try and show him up night after night.

Here’s The Time’s set from a recently unearthed soundboard recording from March 19th, 1983, at the Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City.

The Time
Kansas City, MO
March 19, 1983

1. Intro
2. Get It Up
3. 777-9311
4. Girl
5. Wild & Loose
6. Gigolos Get Lonely Too
7. Cool
8. The Walk
9. Outro


  • Marco (aka bagan)

    Hey Pete !!! … very nice to see this fantastic release on Ickmusic … thank you for bringin’ The Time back to World’s Attention …

  • Bill C

    I saw this tour in DC. It’s only opinion (which I value very highly) but I remember thinking the Time was the better act that night.

  • Pete

    I think a lot of folks agreed with you as the tour rolled on, Bill. It may have been short, but they really knew how to pack in an explosive, entertaining set…

    Now Bill, how was Vanity 6? I guess it depends on how close you were…

  • Bill C

    We were pretty close to the stage. I remembered thinking they were all gorgeous but the music was formulaic. Like putting on the album while looking at Playboy.

  • Doug C

    I was only 12 as well and I was there. 5th row center right in front of the stage at Crisler Arena in Ann Arbor. Amazing and I remember that as much as I loved Prince – always have and always will – that The Time was just a little better that night as well. Vanity 6 was so incredibly hot. Susan sucked on a giant candy cane and threw it into the crowd a few seats from me.

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