Friday Five

The Friday Five: October 16, 2009

Friday Five : ˈfrī-(ˌ)dā,-dē ˈfīv : On the sixth day of every week I hit the shuffle button on my iTunes and share my five and drop a little knowledge and insight for each track. Sometimes there is a playlist involved, sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes we have guest, but most of the time it’s just me. The rest is up to you, our friends and readers! Fire up your media player of choice and share the first five random track of your shuffle in the comments.

The Five:

Shai – “If I Ever Fall in Love (a cappella)” (from If I Ever Fall in Love, 1992)

1992 was absolutely dominated by New Jack Swing crooners Boyz II Men; more specifically their monster single “End of the Road” which spent the better part of the summer and fall on the top of the Billboard charts. It was only a matter of time before record labels began searching for clones to cash in on the market. Enter Shai, a group of fraternity brothers from Howard University who fell into the business after handing a demo of “If I Ever Fall in Love” to a local DJ who brought the track to radio where it was an instant hit. The group struggled to match the success of the track, only coming close with the top 10 hits “Baby I’m Yours” and “Comforter” and fading into obscurity after that despite releasing several records in the years since.

Prince – “Chelsea Rodgers” (from Planet Earth, 2007)

Here’s the problem with writing a tune that name checks your current squeeze, when she’s gone and you’ve got a new Stella on your arm she might not take kind to you rocking a tune about your former. Now this is all hearsay as Prince and Chelsea both maintain that they were purely platonic friends, but you sure haven’t seen her ‘round since Bria Valente came on the scene. Regardless this track’s disco-funk inspired groove was a stand out on the otherwise groove-less Planet Earth.

The Afghan Whigs – “Creep” (mp3) (from Honky’s Ladder, 1996)

Greg Dulli is one morose motherfucker. The Afghan Whigs front man is also a genius taking TLC’s 1994 hit about a woman displeased with her current lover and “creeping” around to get some ass into the dark and, well, creepy place that Dulli is the master of.

Bee Gees – “More Than a Woman” (mp3) (from Saturday Night Fever, 1977)

I’ll admit this tune shuffled up and I started to dance in my chair. I’m going to let the music do the talking for this tune, click that link above and enjoy!

Radiohead – “Creep (radio edit)” (from Pablo Honey, 1993)

You’re so very special” doesn’t quite have the ring and bite of “You’re so fucking special” but despite that this is the version – as featured in the video as well – that the kids went nuts for and catapulted the band to the uncomfortable heights they’ve eschewed in the years following the success of the single.

What’s creeping up in your shuffle this week?


  • Anne

    Better late than never!

    1. Transfiguration #2 from M. Ward, “Transfig. of Vincent.” Pretty sure that M. Ward came up last week in my shuffle too.
    2. Never Tear Us Apart from INXS, “Kick.” Love INXS!
    3. Celebrity Skin from Hole, “Celebrity Skin.”
    4. Hex from Neko Case, “Live from Austin, Texas.” Neko comes up a lot in my shuffles but of course, I have a lot of Neko.
    5. Cold Desert from Kings of Leon, “Only By the Night.” Love this band, love their earlier albums, glad they are getting recognition now, wish that the radio station would not play that one song every 5 minutes though!

  • Kristi

    Here are my fabulous Friday/Monday Five. Must say I’m quite happy with my shuffle this morning so far:

    1) NIN – “Reptile” (feat. David Bowie)
    2) REO – “Don’t Let Him Go” (live)
    3) Indigo Girls – “Closer to Fine” (live)
    4) Lifehouse – “Hanging By A Moment” (Y100)
    5) Ryan Adams – “Come Pick Me Up” (live)

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