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I Must Be In A Good Place Now

Vetiver - photo by Alissa Anderson

I heard this song on The Loft yesterday in quite the perfect setting – driving with my wife and two girls down a road outside of Flagstaff, AZ. It was a picture perfect day – snow on the ground, green pine trees, blue sky, and the snowy San Francisco Peaks in the near distance – and this song by Vetiver came on.

Nice, right? Turns out the song was originally written and performed by Louisiana music legend Bobby Charles (who passed just last month). It was on his self-titled 1972 album produced by The Band’s Rick Danko. Tonight, I listened to Bobby’s version, and was just as moved as Vetiver’s take on it.

So much music, so little time…

→ Go to the Amazon MP3 Store and buy the Vetiver Version and/or the Bobby Charles Version.

Visit: Vetiver’s Official Site /’s tribute to Bobby Charles

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