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    Great tunes abound. Here’s a recent favorite from the mind of James Mercer and the Shins.

  • Folk,  Indie

    Valerie June’s Two Hearts

    Here’s one that’s impossible not to like: Valerie June.  I didn’t get introduced until a PBS Newshour mini-feature on her just a few weeks ago. It piqued my interest and sent me on my way to her latest album, The…

  • Indie

    Santa Ana Winds – my intro to Sons of Bill

    If there’s one lesson I keep on learning when it comes to music, it’s to keep listening to the recommendation services that our music services offer. If you spend any decent amount of time listening to streaming music on Spotify,…

  • Prince

    Memories of a Prince Fan

    In the late summer of 1984, I saw Purple Rain for the first time. I was 14. Adolescence had arrived, and was about to be taken for quite a spin with Prince Rogers Nelson at the wheel. Every long time admirer of Prince…

  • Indie

    Beautiful Strangers

    A quick blast of quality tuneage from Kevin Morby. “Beautiful Strangers” was written to honor the victims of the Orlando shooting. Morby is a 28-year old singer songwriter born in Lubbock, Texas and now living in L.A. This tune was…

  • Punk

    Titus Andronicus and the Snarl of Lonely Boy

    Titus Andronicus has a brand new album, a 90 minute rock opera called The Most Lamentable Tragedy.  While I haven’t had time yet to wrap my head around the entire album – its five acts and twenty-nine songs serving as…

  • Rock n' Folk

    Katie Queen of Tennessee

    The song is sweet, catchy, and mesmerizing. It got me right from the moment I saw this video on Palladia. I’d never heard of the Apache Relay. They’re from Nashville, and they took their name from a scene in the…