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Zydeco, Mardi Gras, Cajun, N'awlins flavor.

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    The Spirit of the Crescent City

    Aaron Neville: Feels Like Rain (mp3) – from Warm Your Heart It Feels Like Rain(John Hiatt) Down here the river meets the seaIn the sticky heat I feel you open up to meLove comes out of nowhere, baby, oh, just…

  • New Orleans

    Gulf Coast Blues

    Downright depressing, isn’t it? It’s unfathomable at the moment to take in the amount of havoc, destruction, and chaos that Hurricane Katrina caused along the Gulf Coast. My brother in law and his girlfriend, both residents of New Orleans, now…

  • Country,  New Orleans

    Buck + Dwight = Hank

    The last week has featured some Cajun sounds, a little 80’s Minneapolis funk, and some old school country. Now to marry it all up, it’s Buckwheat Zydeco’s collaboration with Dwight Yoakam. They got together in 1990 to lay down their…

  • New Orleans

    Transmission from the Big Easy

    Listening to Beausoleil last week got me in that good ol’ Cajun mood. I can’t think of another type of music that elicits so much good nature and positivity. Of course, a lot of it is sung in French, which…

  • New Orleans

    Fessin on Fat Tuesday

    Well Mardi Gras has gone and snuck up on us again. In honor of Fat Tuesday, we need the sounds of Professor Longhair emanating through the blogosphere… “Fess” came up as a New Orleans piano pioneer in the 30’s and…