Blues from the Rush Soundtrack

Must be in a Bluuuues kinda mood. I’ve had the soundtrack to the movie Rush since it came out in December 1991 (Jason Patric, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Gregg Allman as – what else – the drug dealer). Eric Clapton scored the movie, and contributed some extra songs too, most notably “Tears In Heaven“, written for his son Conor, who died tragically in March 1991 from falling out of his mother’s 53rd story apartment window in Manhattan. He was 4 years old.

Eric invited Buddy Guy to help out with this one – Willie Dixon’s “Don’t Know Which Way To Go”, an 11 minute immersion into everything that is great about the blues.


15 thoughts on “Blues from the Rush Soundtrack

  1. if you really like the Blues you have to listen to the cut by Shuggie Otis – (Slow Goonbash Blues) ran across it by accident and was blown away

  2. There’s a song in the movie, not on the soundtrack and I believe it’s by Greg Allman or the Allman Brothers. I can’t find it anywhere.

  3. i have been looking all over the place for the song help me up that eric clapton and will jennings played at the end of the movie rush. i have also looked for the soundtrack at most of the video stores in albuquerque with no luck. where can i order it or find it on the internet?

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