Remembering Joe Strummer / Live Clash from Jamaica

Today marks the seventh anniversary of Joe Strummer‘s untimely death at the age of 50 (due to a heart defect). To mark the occasion, and to celebrate the legend – born John Graham Mellor in Ankara, Turkey – here’s a nice boot from the Clash at the height of their popularity.

Touring behind their hit album Combat Rock, the tour took them through Montego Bay, Jamaica for the Jamaican World Music Festival. The Grateful Dead had headlined the night before, and this night, it was the Clash’s turn.

According to the Clash resource Black Market Clash, the “Bob Marley Centre” was nothing more than an immense gravel parking lot with a stage at one end. Earlier acts of the evening included Rick James, Jimmy Buffett, the English Beat, and Bob Weir’s band, Bobby and the Midnites. By the time the Clash came on, it was closing in on dawn.

So enjoy the show, and pass it on to those snot-nosed shits who think they know music, but can’t tell you who Joe Strummer is.

Rest in Peace Joe…

The Clash at the Jamaican World Music Festival (download)
Bob Marley Centre – Montego Bay, JA
November 27, 1982

London Calling
Police on My Back
The Guns of Brixton
Magnificent 7
Armagideon Time
The Magnificent 7
Junco Partner
Spanish Bombs
One More Time
Train In Vain
This is Radio Clash
Should I Stay or Should I Go
Rock the Casbah
Straight to Hell
I Fought the Law

7 thoughts on “Remembering Joe Strummer / Live Clash from Jamaica

  1. awsome recording I was there that night but I
    don’t remember much as I spent the day partying with Peter Tosh in his army tent in the campground.I had no idea it was Peter Tosh we hung out with till he took the stage.I think
    Keith Richards might have been there with us
    but it was quite foggy.

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  4. I’m psyched!
    this is a mighty fine addition to my Clash archive,much appreciated.I’ll be airing a J.Strummer tribute tonight on our local noncommercial radio station,KGGV 95.1fm,Guerneville ca.~streaming live also,8-10pm.
    the man is gone-the message lives on!

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