Prince at the Roosevelt – Don’t You Wanna Come, 3121 (dollars?)

So hearing that Prince would be playing a few weekends at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel got me excited at first. A 6 hour drive for a weekend in L.A. and a Prince show would be just a-ok with me. But rumors from the start were that ticket prices would be – oh – not catered to un-rich punks like me.

Today, the drones on, who have 2 spell like Prince, posted this:

The xperience is about 2 begin. Emale 4 ticket in4mation.

There’s a terrific way to disseminate information. Ask thousands upon thousands of people to “emale” you… So, I emaled them (still waiting for a reply)… then I went bouncing over to Housequake for the latest unsubstantiated rumors. And the word on the street is this: if you want to be in the standing room only crowd, you’re going to pay $312.01. Now, what if you want to sit at a table for two, have dinner, and catch the aftershow? Well, you can cough up a spare $3,121.00, can’t you?

Here’s hoping that his next album after Planet Earth is entitled ’40’.


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