Austin, Here I Come

Austin City Limits Festival

I’m happy to report that Ickmusic’s entire staff (okay, me) will descend upon Austin this September for the Austin City Limits Festival.

Who am I looking forward to seeing? Oh let’s see… Wilco, Steve Earle, Arcade Fire, Bob Dylan, My Morning Jacket, the White Stripes, Amy Winehouse, Damien Rice, Arctic Monkeys, Lucinda Williams, Yo La Tengo, The National, Beausoleil, STS9, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Reverend Horton Heat, Raul Malo, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and 112 other bands.

The full schedule was released this morning (download PDF). As Ace from Hidden Track mentions, there will be some pretty difficult decisions to make, since a few acts are hitting different stages at the same time. The biggest conflict for me is Wilco vs. My  Morning Jacket. I’ve seen both before, and both were amazing live experiences. Do I dare do half and half? Hmm.

More conflicts: Arcade Fire vs. the White Stripes. Arcade Fire wins for me. I cannot wait to see them live. And others: Beausoleil vs. Amy Winehouse (Amy fo’ sho’), and Preservation Hall vs. Amos Lee (half & half).

So I know Ace is going. Who else is in?


  • BlueSkyMine

    Wilco… definitely Wilco. The chance to see “Impossible Germany” live is too great to miss oh, and Amy is a must! I’d agree with the half & half on Preservation Hall vs. Amos Lee… enjoy buddy!!

  • Andrew

    Hey, I’m a not-too-frequent commenter here and I’m stoked to be going to ACL. I’m also having issues with the Arcade Fire/White Stripes conflict (I think Arcade Fire for an hour and then finish out the White Stripes second half), but the big one is Muse versus Arctic Monkeys. I’m probably going to end up with Muse, but dang that’s tough.

  • jazzmaster

    Ugh! How can you guys even consider Arcade Fire of The White Stripes?! 🙂 Have you heard “Icky Thump”?!?!?! I’m afraid “Neon Bible” doesn’t hold a candle to this one… Just my little, insignificant opinion, though… I won’t be going to ACL Fest anyway. 🙁

    Hope you have a blast, Pete!!!

    Oh, and Amy Whinehouse, definitely!!! Wilco, too!!!

  • jazzmaster

    Ummm… That should have been “Arcade Fire OVER the White Stripes”. Got a little ahead of myself, I guess. 😉

  • Andrew


    I have heard Icky Thump and it has rocked me to my inner core. Still, I’ve been trying to see Arcade Fire for almost two years, so to pass this chance would be stupid. Best settle for a bit of A and a bit of B

  • Pete

    What Andrew said… I know Jack and Meg are great live (from what I’ve heard), but have you seen the loons in AF jumping around the stage? That will be something… Win Butler’s voice does a lot more for me than ol’ Jack’s too.
    CaNNOT WAit!!

  • Bob-O

    Pete, I have been booked for ACL since February! I have gone the past 3 years and am super excited about this year’s festival as well. The tough decisions make for a little angst, but ultimately, this festial kicks so much ass, it really doesn’t matter what the lineup is or who is playing up against who. The food is amazing, the UT kids are all over the place adding to the fun, 6th Street and the night shows at Stubbs, Emo’s, Antone’s, La Zona Rosa, and numerous other places are insane, and the weather make for this to be the best US Festival, bar none! I am going with a pretty large group of friends, as every year I come back and rave about being in Austin with such an awesome time going on around me, that I always attract a new group of people to come down with me and check it out. As well as a few repeat offenders who are now hooked on Austin and ACL just like I am. Have you been before? Most of the bands you mentioned are who I am going to see as well, but the beauty of the festival is that I always end up discovering some bands down there too that I end up coming back and excited to spread the gospel about. It really is the best city in America and keep your eyes out for announcements for night shows, some of which will usually blow me away seeing great bands at small clubs! Again, not sure if you have been before, but if you need any suggestions, let me know. Maybe we will meet up for a drink at some point over the weekend too, although it gets crazy sometimes so hard to guarantee that this far in advance.

  • Pete

    Bob-O – yeah I’m an Austin first timer… and the words “meet up for a drink” are like a whole ‘nother music to my ears. Absolutely!

  • jazzmaster

    I guess I’m just not feeling Arcade Fire like you guys. They leave me pretty ‘blah’. I love the Stripes, though, and of the 60+ concerts I’ve attended in my time, their show rocked me harder and to the core better than any other… Including Prince (and I’m a die-hard Prince fan).

    Different strokes, I suppose…


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