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Live Earth Moment: Gimme Shelter

So I spent many a minute yesterday clicking around, checking out the different Live Earth performances around the globe. Kudos to MSN for their webcast coverage. They even made it user friendly for us Mac users (though you did need IE to be able to click around from city to city). One of my favorite moments yesterday was a Keith Urban / Alicia Keys performance of the Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” during Keith’s set. Color me impressed, they rocked hard…. (and Alicia, you weren’t lookin’ so bad either).

By the way, did you guys see the Police play “Message in the Bottle” with John Mayer, and – uh – Kanye West? “Uh! Yeah! Uh. Uh. Uh. Yeah.” Um, no.


  • Gonzo

    Kanye’s ok ( and I mean that – just ‘ok) in my book. I loathe John Mayer. Regardless, let’s hope that neither shows up when I see the Police in Louisville next week.

  • Funkydoo

    Um, no…couldn’t be said any better. Kayne West is a joke. And you know what? So is Sting for having that clown on the same stage to ruin a classic song. Why not have P. Nutty–i mean Diddy–or Doody–out there as well? Both are equally talentless.

    That said, I too was really impressed with the Urban/Keyes performance.

  • Funkydoo

    Final comment…

    …I’m not a big John Mayer fan. He seems like a complete tool. However, I have known for a long time he can really play guitar. His songwriting doesn’t grab me at all but i respect his dedication to his instrument and the fact he’s a real musician. My only criticism of his playing would be that most of his runs on the neck are note-for-note rips off SRV. Try some new scales or interpretations, John.

  • jeffro

    I really hope Kanye was making that stuff up off the top of his head, because I was not impressed with his content and especially did not dig his simple delivery. He had a great beat and “live sample” to rap over, and he didn’t grab hold and flow like an experienced MC should, I thought. I’m very much for acts getting together, but at the end, after he was done his “verse,” he seemed to think it was the Kanye show, with The Police as a guest, as opposed to vice versa.

  • Pete

    Well we all know about Kanye’s ego. Was it the MTV Europe awards show where he jumped up on stage to protest when he didn’t win? What little respect I had for him prior to that was completely erased.

  • guff

    Lets stop talking about Kanye and talk about the Foo Fighters who killed it last night. Times Like These was one of the best songs last night. I love hip hop and think The Roots Crew would have done justice too the cause much better. Check out to get some great recommendations on hip hop. If you are from the late 80’s/native tongue era check it out along with XM radio.
    Chris, Guff ,Scum king (Perry)Whatever

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