Bruce Springsteen

The Boss Live at the Roxy, 1978 (Part Two)

photo by Bob Minkin

Bruce’s new tune, “Radio Nowhere” leaked yesterday. It’s a straight-ahead rocker. One of my Boss Forum posters said it’s reminiscent of “867-5309” as performed by Pearl Jam [Edit: Tommy Tutone’s song as Pearl Jam would perform it – that wasn’t clear the first time around]. It’s true, you can definitely hear a tinge of it in the tune. Good stuff! You can check it out over at the Hype Machine.

So on to part two of this classic show. If you have the Live 1975-1985 box set, then you’ve heard quite a bit of part two. Six of these songs appear on the box set in edited form (Adam, Paradise, Growin’ Up, Saint, Backstreets, and Rosalita), which goes to show what an amazing show this truly is. The box set doesn’t include Bruce’s comments before “Paradise by the C”. Here, you’ll hear Bruce kick off the song with: “All you bootleggers out there in radio land, roll your tapes!”…

The very next night, Bruce and the band headed over to my neck of the woods to play Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix. The video footage of “Rosalita” that made its way on to the Video Anthology DVD was taken from that night.

So here’s part deux my friends. Enjoy!

Part Two

Paradise By The ‘C’
Adam Raised A Cain
She’s The One
Growin’ Up
It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City
Heartbreak Hotel
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)


  • Michael

    Pearl Jam? Don’t you mean Tommy Tutone? I heard the new tune earlier today and am excited to hear the record and I’m loving the show so far. I have always enjoyed The Boss, but never gone the extra length to collect shows. This is actually going to be my first!

  • Eric

    awesome – thanks! I’m looking forward to listening to all three parts back-to-back-to-back when I drive to Tampa on Monday. So, uh, *nudge, nudge* part 3 will be up before then?

  • Jason

    Just discovered your most excellent website!

    First thing i went for was Bruce at the Roxy. Only links I could find were part 3. Have I missed the boat?



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