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Ickmusic Live: The Clash – Buy or Die!

If you’ve been checking in with Ickmusic for a while, you know by now that I can’t go very long without a Clash or Joe Strummer post. So without much setup, here’s a great audience recording of a late 1978 gig at London’s Lyceum Ballroom. Find out a lot more background on the show at Black Market Clash (a fantastic live Clash / Strummer resource – click here for the home page with the frames).

RIP Joe. We miss you.

The Clash – Buy or Die !!!
The Lyceum
From the Sort It Out” Tour
December 29th, 1978

1. Safe European Home
2. I Fought the Law
3. Jail Guitar Doors
4. Drug Stabbing Time
5. Cheapskates
6. The City of the Dead
7. Clash City Rockers
8. Tommy Gun
9. White Man in Hammersmith Palais
10. English Civil War
11. Stay Free
12. Guns on the Roof
13. Police and Thieves
14. Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad
15. Capital Radio
16. Janie Jones
17. Garageland
18. Complete Control
19. London’s Burning*
20. White Riot*

* The last two tracks come from the 12/28/78 show at the Lyceum


  • Marco

    Hey Pete, thanks for your clashing offer. Saw The Clash live once in the early 80’s … still an exiting high-energy experience to me, even 25 years later. But that’s not the only reason leaving a comment here … also wanted to express that the new layout looks great …

  • Brian

    You know what I really hope for? A Dylan Bootleg Series type thing for The Clash. I love the sound on From Here To Eternity, and I would love to hear complete Clash shows in that pristine quality. Get that set up for us, Pete. Thanks in advance.

  • a.

    one thing i don’t get (but maybe i’m too tired now, means at work)…
    if the whole gig is from December 28th, 1978 and the *-tracks are from December 28th… what’s the correct date?
    i hate being so correct… sorry.

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