Working On A Dream’s Album Cover

Boss fans: How does this make you feel?

I have to admit, I’m pretty lenient when it comes to album covers from my favorite artists. I think it goes back to Lovesexy – possibly the most embarrassing album cover of all time. Regardless of one’s opinion, you’re gonna be spending a fair amount of time with the record, so you may as well learn to get along, right? As an 18 year old kid, I stepped into the record store, grabbed a copy of Prince’s new album, and with as much masculinity as I could muster, placed this on the counter and paid me my money down…

Nowadays we buy most of our music behind the anonymous curtain of the internet. In MY day, you suffered for your music!


  • Michael

    It is almost as if they took the sepia toned cover from Magic and colored it in. Though to be honest with you I don’t think much of most of The Boss’s album covers. It seems after the iconic Born in the U.S.A. cover they all fell short.

  • Gina

    LOL… That is halarious!!
    Your story, not the cover…

    I was surprised at first by it…
    But it seems to grow on ya. 😮

    Thanks for the great laugh this morning!!

  • whiteray

    I like the new Springsteen cover. A little unreal, which fits with the album title. I’d find a different font, something a little more subtle (like the illustration), and not have his name in all capitals. But in general, I like it.

    Never really was much of a Prince fan, so I didn’t have to worry about that one . . .

  • Ryan

    What the hell is going on with Burces’ album covers. “Greeting’s from Asbury Park” was cool, Born to Run was a classic album cover and “Born in the U.S.A is iconic. But as of late Bruce has put togther the worst album covers. The Rising, Magic, and now this cover, c’mon Bruce how many headshots to you have laying around? Get a little more ceative like the music inside the cover.

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