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Sounds from the Old School (Electro Mix-Tape)

I took some time this past weekend to dive into some old school hip hop sites, and uncovered some gems. Don’t even get me started about Original Underground Hip-Hop, where S.O.U.L. posts a staggering amount of old school mixes (two a day since I subscribed). Go over and take a look, you’ll be blown away.

But tonight I have to share a mix I found on DJ Dee-Ville’s blog, Ain’t It Good To You. I’m a little nutty about 80’s electro, particularly artists like Egyptian Lover, the Soulsonic Force, and Man Parrish. So stumbling across an hour and 20 minute long mix dedicated to electro was like strikin’ gold, people.  Someone out there has to be feeling this too!

DJ Dee-Ville’s It’s Electro!! Mix (mp3)

Here’s the track listing…

Two great sites to get your old school fix: Ain’t It Good To You and Original Underground Hip-Hop. Have fun…

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