Leonard Cohen Giveaway: The Winner is…

Twelve people – 12 (!?) – ended up entering themselves in the Leonard Cohen giveaway contest. I either don’t know my demographic / readership, people really are lazy, or the post didn’t make it in front of very many eyes (could have been due to the comments issue as well). Who knows. But it sure made the odds of winning pretty damn good.

At any rate, it went down like this… my head was swimming in coffee & Dayquil this morning – the old man is sick as a dog –  so I left the winner selection to my 3 year old daughter. Yesterday was her birthday, so she deserved to crown the victor, don’t ya think?

Names were written on tiny pieces of paper and placed carefully into her metallic Barbie Princess® purse. She reached in, picked one out, and handed it to me…

As you see – our winner this go around is SINZIANA.



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