The Cars are Back [Video: “Blue Tip”]

For those of us who grew up listening to The Cars, there’s something comforting about hearing Ric Ocasek’s voice and that vintage Cars sound here in the year 2011. After all, the last time they released an album of new music was 1987. Just a few things have changed in the time between.

But reunited they have – all original members (minus bassist and occasional lead vocalist Benjamin Orr, who passed away in 2000 after a battle with pancreatic cancer). Their new album, titled Move Like This, will be released on May 10th, and the lead single and video, “Blue Tip”, is now out – and it has that unmistakeable Cars sound: the new wave/rock blend and the quirky vocals of Ric Ocasek (yep, still married to Paulina Porizcova, 26+ years now).

Here’s “Blue Tip”:

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  • LuckyDeb61

    “…minus bassist and occasional lead vocalist Benjamin Orr…”

    I’ve been a Cars fan since day one so maybe it’s my age talking here, but I found this snippet in your blog absolutely infuriating! To dismiss Benjamin Orr’s contributions to The Cars and their success in such a thoughtless way is both inaccurate and disrespectful to his memory. He was co-founder and co-lead singer of the band whose honey-smooth lead vocals graced quite literally half of The Cars songs. In point of fact he sang lead on many of their biggest hits including their very biggest “Drive”.

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