The Older Brother Speaks

Earlier this year, Beady Eye (AKA the rest of Oasis fronted by Liam) released their first full length album, Different Gear, Still Speeding. As I noted here, it was and is quite good. In fact, I will be seeing them live in 2 short days (review coming soon, natch) in the Main Room at First Avenue. The pilgrim will walk to one of the prophets…

Most of us Brit geeks have been waiting for the elder Gallagher to put his stamp on 2011 and boy has he ever with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds released just a few weeks ago. The album is magnificent and how lucky all of us are that Oasis broke up as we now get double the output from the dueling Mancunians.

Don’t expect many surprises with this one. It has all the signature Beatles-dripped magic sung by the brother who I have always felt is the better singer. Noel wouldn’t agree of course but this is one of his rare self-deprecations. Songs like “If I Had A Gun…” (a deeply passionate love song) demonstrate the sheer beauty and emotion of his voice. “AKA What A Life” (a sister song to Oasis’ “Falling Down”) kicks this sentiment up another notch as Noel “takes that tiger outside for a ride.” With “Soldier Boys and Jesus Freaks,” we hear a rare political rant that is most welcome. The infectiousness of “Dream On” easily draws anyone in.

And, is usually the case with Brit bands, the best track from these sessions is not on the regular album (but is available on the deluxe edition and the single, “The Death of You And Me”). “The Good Rebel” made me grin from ear to ear the moment I first heard it. Using the metaphor of cleansing rain, Noel washes his past away and stakes out new territory for himself. The older brother has spoken and the future looks very bright indeed with this great idea for a stocking stuffer this holiday season.

Check out “The Good Rebel” below and keep an eye out for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds coming to our side of the pond early next spring!

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