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    Motorhead on The Young Ones

    Aikin’s great Motorhead post made me think back to their appearance on The Young Ones, a great British comedy from the 80’s. Off to Netflix to see if they have it on DVD…. and they do! To the top o’…

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    Rita Moreno and Animal: Fever

    Since I introduced my daughter to the Mahna Mahna video, we’ve been on a YouTube / Muppet Show frenzy ’round here. She’s particularly fond of Animal. I warn you, if you’re in your 30’s and up, and you were a…

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    ManaMana: for the kids

    My 3 year old daughter’s favorite commercial of the moment is one with the “manamana” song (can’t even remember what product they’re advertising). No idea on the origin of the song, but a co-worker thinks it may be a Muppets…

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    Natalie Portman Rap on SNL

    Another SNL instant classic last night as the Lonely Island guys presented a digital short. Natalie Portman’s profane raps, Andy Samberg dressed as a viking… They’re on a roll! Watch this before NBC pulls them off of You Tube like…

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    Country New Wave

    You all have great and very safe Country New Wave weekend. Tex Haper: – Country New Wave (Real video) – (be warned, you will be singing this to yourself and those around you all weekend)

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    I Bleepin’ Need You More Than Ever

    If you need a chuckle (and we all do), check out the web site of The Dan Band. If you’ve seen ‘Old School’ or ‘Starsky & Hutch’, you’ve seen The Dan Band. My friend Charlie shot me a note recommending…

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    a funny clip from mr. cross

    I had to share this little excerpt from comedian David Cross‘ latest CD, ‘It’s Not Funny’ [Buy It]…. he’s talking about the music that becomes popular during war time, namely the country stuff. I’ll let David take it from here……

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    When you’re chewing life’s gristle

    No disrespect intended, but for some reason, since the passing of the Pope yesterday at the age of 84, this Monty Python classic from ‘The Life of Brian’ has been swirling in my head. I am not very religious by…