• Indie

    New from Brett Dennen: “Wild Child”

    First of all – wait, what? – Brett Dennen is 6’5″ tall? I. Did. Not. Know. That.Second of all, I need to remind myself not to get sucked into the hateful rabbit hole of YouTube/internet comments as I did recently…

  • Ick's Pick

    Brett Dennen, I like you

    Goodness gracious me, have you heard the latest Brett Dennen album? Loverboy has been out for a year, but it took me until just a couple weeks ago to hear a tune from it (“Little Cosmic Girl” on SiriusXM), which…

  • Best of Lists

    Pete’s Year in (Ick)Music: 2007

    I know you’re probably all sick of the obligatory year end list mania sweeping the interwebs, but indulge me, if you will, as I throw in a few favorites myself. I give you…. Pete’s Year in (Ick)Music: 2007 Songs of…

  • Christmas

    Brett Dennen’s Holiday Tune

    Not your typical happy-go-lucky holiday tune. Rather, one that takes a gander at the world today, and unapologetically tells it like it is. This kid is refreshing. Links: Buy his latest, So Much More | Official Site | MySpace

  • Acoustic

    There is so much more

    File this under the more I hear, the more me likey. I first heard this on Sirius a few weeks ago, and the DJ introduced it as a nice tune that sounds like it’s coming from the voice of an…