Friday Five

The Friday Five: March 25, 2011

Friday Five

Friday Five : ‘frī-(,)dā,-dē ‘fīv : On the sixth day of every week, I hit the shuffle button on my iTunes, then share the first five tracks and thought for each track. Sometimes there is a playlist involved, occasionally we’ll have a guest, but most of the time it’s just me. The rest is up to you, our friends and readers! Fire up your media player of choice and share the first five random track of your shuffle in the comments.

The Five:

“Nothing is Alone” by Toad the Wet Sprocket (from 1992-09-16: Fox Theater, Boulder, CO, USA, 1992)

“And now the song so happy, Todd had to sing it.” Who can resist a sappy love-lorn tune in 3/8 time?

“Both Sides of the Story” by Phil Collins (from …Hits, 1998)

This tune always seemed a bit like Phil trying really hard to sing a Peter Gabriel track. I realize the irony in that statement, but listen to “Biko,” and “Come Talk to Me,” and come back to this track and tell me that you don’t hear it. Go ahead, I’ll wait here.

“Bone Machine” by Pixies (from Surfer Rosa, 1988)

Two Friday Five appearances in a row!

“The ’59 Sound” by The Gaslight Anthem (from The ’59 Sound, 2008)

I haven’t listened to this record in over a year, I’ll have to cue it up over the weekend. I think I burned myself out on it, and didn’t care at all for the follow up; causing me to unintentionally shun the band for a bit.

“If I Can’t Change Your Mind” by Sugar (from Besides, 1995)

From the live portion of the set, I was always amazed at how fast these tunes were played live.

What’s on your shuffle today?


  • Chris Holmes

    (via Slacker mix)

    1. Funkadelic, “Loose Booty” – What this one lacks in subtlety — I know, surprise — it more than makes up for with a sick, sick groove.

    2. Genesis, “Turn It On Again” – Prog diehards can slag pop Genesis all they want, this song is fucking brilliant.

    3. Bob James, “Obsession” – Holy ’80s synths Batman! Bob James, despite what people say, has produced some really excellent music. This, however, sounds like the soundtrack to a shitty period cop drama. And look at his picture on Wikipedia – nice outfit, douchebag.

    4. Sloan, “You Know What It’s About” – Now this is more like it. A brief palate cleanser is just what I needed.

    5. Kaiser Chiefs, “Oh My God” – Britpop you say? New Wave revival you say? Yes, please!

    • Michael Parr

      Prog-rock Genesis and pop-rock Genesis are just two different bands, really. I love them equally, though I’ll listen to Invisible Touch more often than The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.

  • dslifton

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who was unimpressed by The Gaslight Anthem’s follow-up. I was wondering if my love for The ’59 Sound was the result of my state of mind at the time. It wasn’t bad, but I think they reached beyond their limitations.

    Anyway, here’s mine:

    “Indication” – The Zombies
    “A Bullet For Ramona” – Warren Zevon
    “Dayton, Ohio – 1903” – Randy Newman
    “Angel Is The Devil” – Steve Earle with The Supersuckers
    “The Inner Light” – The Beatles

  • Jeanne Marie

    My iTunes shuffle, have a great weekend everyone!

    1. Mother Popcorn – James Brown
    2. If I Needed Someone – The Beatles
    3. The ’59 Sound – The Gaslight Anthem
    4. American Woman – The Guess Who
    5. Nobody Knows – Get Back Loretta

  • Anonymous

    Here’s mine!

    Billy Joel, “New York State of Mind (from A Tribute to Heroes: Concert for NY, 2001).” In a lower key, but still a respectable version. That’s all I’m going to say.

    The Weepies, “All This Beauty”

    Electric Light Orchestra, “All Over the World”

    The Who, “Fiddle About” (from the Tommy movie soundtrack) God, this is awful.

    Eric Clapton, “Circus.” This is what happens when you let Babyface into your studio.

  • Anonymous

    1. David Bowie- “Your Turn to Drive” from Toy

    Yeah, I got curious and DL’d it. Better than …Hours, not as good as Heathen (well, it does share a couple of songs) and Reality.

    2. Sly and the Family Stone- “If You Want Me to Stay” from Fresh

    I’ve been in a fierce Sly mood lately. Funny thing is, when I hear this song, now I think of Timothy Robbins driving, eating cereal, and singing this in the film Made in Heaven. The mind’s a funny thing.

    3. Pearls Before Swine- “I’m Going to the City” from These Things Too.

    Another early 70’s Reprise Records group I’m fascinated by. I need to get some of their pre-Reprise output, I’m told it’s even better.

    4. Mott the Hoople- “No Wheels to Ride” from Mad Shadows

    Been on a bit of a Mott binge lately as well. This is a deeply strange record.

    5. David Ackles- “American Gothic” from American Gothic

    It’s Ken Shane’s fault. He got me curious. Jury’s still out.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been listening to a giant ’80s 12″/Extended/Remix playlist today. So here we go.

    “Addicted to Love (12″ Mix)” by Robert Palmer
    “What (12″ Mix)” by Soft Cell
    “Lookin’ for a New Love (Remix)” by Jody Watley
    “Pleasure Boys (Dance Mix)” by Visage
    “Walk Out to Winter (Extended Version)” by Aztec Camera

  • Ted

    Okay, here’s mine:

    “The Cutter” Echo and the Bunnymen
    “Streetcorner Ambassador” Michelle Shocked
    “Cold Dust Girl” Hey Champ
    “One Fine Day” David Byrne and Brian Eno
    “The Is No Rehearsal” Porcupine Tree

  • Dennis Corrigan

    Here’s my Mr. Mom Friday Five:

    1. “Fake Plastic Trees” by Radiohead from The Bends
    2. “Red Staggerwing” by Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris from All The Roadrunning
    3. “A Space Boy Dream” by Belle & Sebastian from The Boy With The Arab Strap (if you need proof that I play by the rules and don’t skip past songs, here you go)
    4. “Til The Morning Comes” by Lewis Taylor from Stoned
    5. “Raise Your Hand” by Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band from London Calling Live in Hyde Park

  • Mindy

    Several I haven’t even heard of today your list 🙂

    1. Put Me Down – The Cranberries
    2. 24 – Switchfoot
    3. A Moment Changes Everything – David Gray
    4. Down, Down – Thomas Lee
    5. Say Say Say – Michael Jackson

  • Pete

    Happy Friday!

    1. “Look Up” – The New Orleans Social Club & Irma Thomas & Marcia Ball

    2. “My Generation” – The Who (liveat the Electric Factory, 1969) – 10 minutes 58 seconds of raucous garage goodness!!

    3. “The Hour Grows Late” – Yo La Tengo

    4. “That Western Skyline” – Dawes – Robbier Robertson’s new backing band! Hope to see them announced for the Newport Folk Festival, which I’ll be attending this year with my family.

    5. “He’s Gone” – Grateful Dead – from Dick’s Picks 15 (Sept 3, 1977)

  • BillC

    I am not sure if this is a sign of how cool this site is, or how sad my life is, but the Friday Five has become one of the highlights of my week. So here goes:

    The Wayward Wind-Patsy Cline. If a day starts with Patsy, it will be a good day.
    All Over Again-Johnny Cash. Ah, the day is getting better by the moment. I love this song.
    Boots of Spanish Leather-Bob Dylan from the Bootleg Series. A very old accoustic version. And very great.
    Don’t Harm The Messenger-Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls from Dots. Yes, one of Paul’s first bands was called the Coloured Girls. Try doing that nowadays! This is such a great version of such a great song. Paul’s lack of crossover appeal in the States always saddened and amazed me. In fact, he is touring with Dylan in Australia right now, so interesting that these came up one after the other.
    Drive My Car-The Donnas from This Bird Has Flown. I usually hate this sort of thing, but this is too fun to hate.

    Happy Weekend to all.

  • jefito

    Billy Pilgrim, “Next Big Thing”
    Shawn Smith, “The Diamond Hand”
    Steve Reich, “Music for 18 Musicians – 11. Section 9”
    The Beatles, “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”
    Joe Henry, “Like She Was a Hammer”

  • Anonymous

    1. “Backdoor Man” – The Doors
    2. “Tangled Up In Blue” – Bob Dylan
    3. “Joe’s Place” – Joe Nichols
    4. “It’s All Over Now” – Ry Cooder
    5. “Love, Peace & Happiness” – The Chambers Brothers

  • Robert Britton

    1. “Train Kept A Rollin'” – Aerosmith
    2. “Muse 2 the Pharoah” – Prince
    3. “Back on my Mind Again” – Ronnie Milsap
    4. “Kentucky Rain” – Elvis
    5. “Online” – Brad Paisley

  • Mike Duquette

    Goodbye working week, hello Friday Five!

    1. The Bee Gees, “To Love Somebody”: it’s still weird for me to hear The Bee Gees not covered in hi-hats and cocaine. This 1967 track, featuring some vaguely Beatles-ish horns and orchestra, is a nice, mellow tune.

    2. Cheap Trick, “Southern Girls (Live at Budokan)”: how accurate is it to call Cheap Trick a “singles band”? This is a great rocker with a bit of swing to it, but – for better or worse – I’m probably one of the maybe eight out of ten who’ll go for the hits first when it comes to these guys.

    3. Alan Silvestri, “Marty Ditches DeLorean (Alternate)”: from Intrada’s astounding Back to the Future score release in 2009 – the first time the complete score (plus a disc of alternates) had ever been released. A lot of the alternate cues are darker and less thematic, but this piece hews pretty close to the urgency of the original.

    4. Elton John, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”: and it’s EJ’s birthday today! If you don’t like this album you are a crazy person. So much to love. Radio stations in the NY metro area used to play “Harmony” a lot when I was younger, even though it was never a single. God, I wish I could just sit and listen to this all night.

    5. Joe Jackson, “Don’t Ask Me”: Another “how-good-is-this” album in “Look Sharp!” This was the B-side of “Is She Really Going Out with Him?” and is the perfect rockin’ note to close with. Hello, weekend!

  • de10ero

    Cocktail Slippers-St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

    God, god rocking ladies from Norway of all places

    Garland Jeffreys-35 Millimeter Dreams

    I’m excited…got tix to see the man in June

    Iguanas-Pelican Bay

    Cool as a summer breeze until you realize just what Pelican Bay is

    Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers-The Sun Is Going To Shine Again

    With the added treat of the one and only Willie Nile on backing vocals

    Fred Eaglesmith-Dancin’ On The Bar

    Fred’s broken heart is bad enough but for God’s sake, don’t knock over his beer…

  • Shannon J

    So, so glad it’s Friday. What a long week. Here are my five:

    “Lucky Star,” Madonna, from the Immaculate Collection. Did somebody here say 80’s? Remember how the choreography in this video was so fresh?

    “Kite,” U2, from All That You Can’t Leave Behind.

    “Buffalo Soldier,” Bob Marley & The Wailers, from One Love. My love for reggae was of a time, and that time is no more. I like it fine, and if I were drinking on an island somewhere, I might be more inclined to listen to it.

    “From the Ashes,” Rosanne Cash, from The Wheel, which is still my favorite Rosanne Cash album. It, along with Shawn Colvin’s Fat City and Mary Chapin Carpenter’s Come On Come On are in the forefront of my musical memories from the early 90s.

    “Sweet Hitch-Hiker,” Creedence Clearwater Revival, from Chronicle. Hate to end on this one, because I really don’t much care for this tune. Wish it had been “Lodi” instead.

  • EightE1

    Kathleen Edwards, “Scared at Night.” Gorgeous acoustic stuff. She has a unique voice, and Asking for Flowers is a fine, fine record.

    Jimmy Page & the Black Crowes, “Celebration Day.” Chris Robinson sounds so unlike Chris Robinson on the live stuff from the Page/Crowes alliance. Problem is, he doesn’t sound much like Robert Plant, either. I like the Live at the Greek record, but not as a Crowes or faux Zeppelin record. It’s good rock and roll, just not recognizable as either act.

    The Makes Nice, “You Can’t Stand the Competition.” I was obsessed with Little Steven’s Underground Garage show and records a few years ago. That’s where I first heard the Makes Nice. This Time Tomorrow is a good album, but I can’t say I’ve listened to it much in the last couple years.

    Dream Theater, “The Spirit Carries On.” Live version from the Score live thing. Awesome band, and Score was a really good live retrospective.

    Colin Meloy, “Bring It on Home to Me.” From his solo acoustic Sam Cooke covers record. I still can’t believe the Decemberists had a Number One record.

  • Mike

    I’ve arrived late, but I brought liquor with me!

    1-“This is It” by Kenny Loggins: Still one of my favorite songs in the history of ever.

    2-“Follow the Leader” by Eric B. & Rakim: This song is twenty-three years ago and still serves as a master class in the art of rapping. In terms of the technical art of rapping, this is the best song ever recorded in the genre. Makes me dizzy in the best possible way.

    3-“Cutie Pie” by One Way: A song I really only got familiar with via it’s being sampled in like every fifth rap record for a spell in the Nineties.

    4. “(Gotta Be) Movin’ On Up” by P.M. Dawn feat. John Forte & Ky-Mani Marley: Completely underrated group. Fat dudes were rappin’ and singin’ (well) a few years before Cee-Lo Green came on the scene.

    5. “She’s Only Happy When She’s Dancing” by Bryan Adams: Sometimes I want it to be the summer of ’85 again. Only I want to be ten years older than I actually was in the summer of ’85.

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