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    Ickmusic Live: The Human League, 1980

    Dropping back into the early new wave scene, we go to a June 1980 show featuring the original lineup of the Human League. The founding members were Philip Oakey, Martyn Ware, Ian Craig Marsh, and Philip Adrian Wright (who ran…

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    The Sri Lankan beauty’s new video for “Jimmy” has Ickmusic central breaking out in a hot Bollywood sweat! Zeowie! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9_Dk_F98cU] M.I.A.’s Official Site (if you’re prone to seizures, do not visit)

  • Electronic,  Pop

    The Sleepy Jackson

    Luke Steele. If that isn’t a name destined for show biz, I don’t know what is. Luke is the main man in The Sleepy Jackson from Perth, Australia, one of the most isolated big cities on God’s green earth (The…

  • Electronic,  Jazz

    Enter the Mowo

    Into the “jazz drum & bass” realm we go. Mocean Worker is the recording alias of producer Adam Dorn. He’s the son of well known Atlantic Records producer Joel Dorn, who has produced everyone from Coltrane and Mingus to Roberta…

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    Mmm-mmm M.I.A.

    I’ll freely admit that a large part of what draws me to M.I.A.’s music is her looks. Her exotic Sri Lankan roots, her sexy Brit-rap, and infectious beats like this (courtesy of Diplo), make for some damn fine listening. And…

  • Electronic

    Great Thunderball!

    Looking ahead to October’s releases, ESL Music (Thievery Corporation’s label) will be releasing Thunderball’s latest, Cinescope. Washington DC’s Sid Barcelona and Steve Raskin are the force behind Thunderball. They excel at drum and bass, breakbeats, dub, and downtempo – all…

  • Electronic,  Funk

    A Little Electrik Boogie

    Thanks to the fine folks at Eighteenth Street Lounge Music, I got my hands on a copy of the upcoming release by Ursula 1000, which is basically NYC-based multi-instrumentalist and “mild-mannered” DJ Alex Gimeno. I’ve really enjoyed listening to the…

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    It’s Time for some Grebo

    (flyer is from 1993)Well I thought I’d dust off some old quality tuneage and rock the blogosphere with the sounds of Pop Will Eat Itself. I only have one of their releases – ’91’s ‘Cure for Sanity’ – but it…