• Folk,  Laid Back

    A Few Moments with Joni Mitchell

    Joni Mitchell first came into my consciousness more than 20 years ago when Prince mentioned her as one of his biggest influences in an interview. He’s covered Joni’s “A Case of You” (“U”, naturally, when Prince does it) over the…

  • Laid Back,  Rock

    Pete Droge’s Psychedelic Love Song

    A killer love song from an underrated artist. I love the psychedelic effects, the instrumentation, the lyrics. This one just floats. Pete Droge – Do Be True (mp3) Buy Skywatching (2003) Visit Pete’s Official Site | MySpace

  • Folk,  Laid Back


    I missed Cry Cry Cry, a folk supergroup of sorts, the first time around. The group was made up of Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplanski, and Richard Sindell. They released only one album, in 1999. I sure am glad I heard…

  • Laid Back

    Simple Twist of Fate, Jerry-Style

    Regardless of your general palate for the Grateful Dead, it’s pretty hard to listen to this version of the Bob Dylan-penned “Simple Twist of Fate” and not be moved. Whether it’s Garcia’s pleading and perfect vocal, or his crisp and…

  • Laid Back

    Back in time with Shaw / Blades Influence

    A Shaw / Blades post seemed to be inevitable: seeing them on VH1-Classic one afternoon, hearing them on Howard Stern the following week, and then being approached by a friend, demanding Shaw / Blades exposure on Ickmusic. So here goes……

  • Laid Back

    Luna’s Waiting on a Friend

    I could easily sit down, bring up the Stones’ “Waiting on a Friend” in iTunes, put it on repeat, and listen to it for 24 straight hours. Love the song, always have, and never tire of hearing it. So I…

  • Laid Back,  Roots Rock

    Listen to Lanois

    I finally picked up my first Daniel Lanois solo album. Every time I’ve heard his solo stuff I’ve been drawn to it: spare, atmospheric, and rich. Lanois, of course, is the producer extraordinaire behind U2, Peter Gabriel, Bob Dylan, and…

  • Jazz,  Laid Back

    Koop Island Blues

    I heard this on Radio Paradise yesterday, and was instantly forced into stress-free relaxation mode. Koop is a group from Stockholm, Sweden, led by Magnus Zingmark and Oscar Simonsson. They’ve got some very cool jazz and swing vibes going on.…